Reiki is a combination of two Japanese words rei (spiritually guided) and ki (life energy) –  meaning universal life energy. An energy healing modality developed by Mikao Usui combining ancient knowledge and his own insights.

Reiki uses life force energy ki to heal, balancing the subtle energies in our bodies and energetic system.

Reiki energy is channelled through the practitioners body, down the the crown chakra and usually flows out through the palms of the healer. In a typical session the client will lay down on a massage table, fully clothed and receive reiki through a specific pattern of hand positions.

How does distance healing work then?

In distance healing, I tune in to the clients vibration, and use whatever healing symbols intuitively feel right as well as the distance healing symbol that feels right as well. I have been attuned and completed my training in Usui Reiki levels I & II as well as Violet Flame Reiki levels I-IV, and in Kundalini Reiki. I use a combination of what feels right for the client.

Am I depleting the healer’s own energy?

No not at all! The beauty of Reiki is that the practitioner or healer acts as a channel for the healing energy, and they also get benefit of Reiki flow and working with the energies.

Can’t I just learn the symbols and channel it myself?

No it is a healing art in which spiritual development, learning and attunement by a reiki-master is necessary for you to use the symbols effectively. With attunemnet they become switched on or activated if you like, and much more powerful. Attempting to use them without attunement, is like using a laptop with no internet.

However, what you can do is begin to include many of the energy meditations in your daily routine, you can tap into universal flow, and you can develop your understanding, and harmony within your body.

What you can’t do is claim you are practicing Reiki.

Does this replace western medicine and treatment?

No, it is a beautiful compliment to any treatment you are already receiving. It will not interfere with any western or medical treatment you are receiving.The goal overall is to reach health. Any good medical practitioner will support your overall holistic health. There are many hospitals who are now using Reiki as a supportive healing modality, over 800 alone in the Unites States. It is a tool for wellness.

Is it a religion?

Nope. It is a wholistic, healing discipline, in which the practitioner learns a specific method for channelling life force, ki, chi or prana. Whatever label you want to put on it. It is not however a religion and does not interfere or prevent you from practicing or belonging to any sort of religion.