Auric Clearing and Energizing

The Aura is part of a beings energetic system. It is an energy field that surrounds and permeates the body and is affected by the emotions and repetitive use of energy. There are many layers to the Auric field which healers such as Rose Rosetree are experts in, if you want to learn more. It is an energetic sensing system with which we put out and take in energy and interact with others. Not just humans, but animals, plants, crystals, and inanimate objects can have an Auric field as well.

Auras contain the colors of the rainbow, and can be perceived as such, in a dynamic moving pattern as the subjects thoughts and emotions move. They have a psychomagnetic charge which means we can attract or repel what we want (or don’t want) into our lives and relationships. This can be largely subconscious, especially since many of us are used to stuffing uncomfortable or inconvenient feelings and emotions away to deal with “later,” or, because many of us have never learned how to deal with our emotions in a healthy, grown-up manner.

Regardless of why –  if there is a back up of clogged emotions, and uncleared attachments and vibrations that have “rubbed” up against us, then we need to clear and charge the Aura!

Our Auric field is generated from within us and connected to our chakras, but it also reacts to energies from others and in our environment. We must clear and charge the Aura, in order to keep our vibrations high and our attractions intentional. Which also means having a healthy emotional life and allowing ourselves to feel all our feelings without judgement and letting them go as well.

The chakras are contained within the Auric body, and can affect the Auric field around ourselves.

Energetic cords and attachments can often be attracted to the aura, and if not cleared or unhooked- OR even allowed and repeated, they can attach to the chakras themselves. We can detach unhealthy energetic cords without having to sever a relationship with a person. That is not always desired or appropriate, but on an energetic level, and with practice, meaning – coming back to this exercise – again and again, we can shift the nature of our relationships and let them evolve.

Within each chakra we have tools and gifts that hold immense personal power on a soul level. Working with our inherent personal gifts, we can gain self-esteem and self-confidence that allows us to validate our own view and our own path, and our own unique capabilities and way through life.

Clearing and energizing your chakras and Aura is necessary. Any sort of energy meditation in which you intend to and then receive healing light is fantastic. Working with white or gold Solar light is one of the most effective energy practices. Using the Violet flame is also a fantastic way to clear and energize the Auric field. It all comes down to which resonates with you and trusting that is what you need at that moment.

Things like Yoga or Tai Chi that build Prana and work with the breath are great. Other things commonly suggested are getting enough sunlight, swimming in the sea, using sea salt, himalayan salt or epsom salts in the bath, letting the rain on your skin, gardening, or getting barefoot in the garden or on the beach, getting out in nature, and creating. Anything that takes you out of the “thinking” mind and lets you just be – in that pure receptive space – is what energizes and replenishes you and your Aura.

In Reiki one of the first things I was taught was to give myself a “Reiki shower” every single day which replenishes your energy field in a positive way, and this sort of Auric “boost” is built into the Reiki Gassho practice as well, although the intent with Gassho is just to connect with Reiki and practice flowing it, the nature of Reiki itself is to clear your energy on all the subtle levels.

To give yourself a “Reiki shower” you can intend a ball of Reiki or or white/gold light to raining down beautiful colors over yourself or the space you intend it to clear.

You can still intend for this healing and clearing energy to charge yourself or the space by connecting with Archangel and Ascended Master energy or simple sitting in meditation and visualizing it flow down, clearing the space.

To use this on yourself to clear your Aura, intend that it penetrate all layers of the Aura that extend from your body. For a few minutes – with your in breath visualize it soaking into your Aura and penetrating all the layers of it. Then with your in breath visualize it expanding throughout your Aura clearing out anything weighing you down, or that doesn’t belong there, and with your out breath see it falling down to Mother Earth for transmutation.

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