Violet Flame Root Chakra Reiki Meditation

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Let the full moon rise in you like a fever.

That is one mouthful of  a title! Try saying that 5xfast! I’m writing this on the night of full moon. And while her energy is making this exercise easier, you can do this at any time.

Whatever has come up to clear, CLEAR.

Trust in the timing, and that your higher self is bringing to your attention what you are ready to clear.

To the degree that we do our soul work through our chakras and other energetic points, is the degree to which your light can come through. This is 5d. Anchoring the light and love through ourselves, when we do so we are not just creating the new paradigm, we ARE the new paradigm.

The following meditation can be very helpful when it feels as though you are being stretched as far as your abilities will allow, and yet are struggling to stay anchored. If you are attuned to reiki then add in the symbols, or use them on a client.

💜Call on Kuanyin, St. Germain, or the archangel Metatron to aid you in this meditation💜

Breathe into your root chakra for a few moments, and call in the Violet flame as well as whichever Divine Wisdom you want to work with.

Imagine that you are pulling back and healing with the Violet flame anywhere you have given away, diffused or fractured your energy. With your intention, it easily all comes back to you and as the flame burns brighter and clearer, what no longer serves you sinks down into the earth for transmutation.

At the same time the Violet flame enables your root chakra to be supported and nourished by Mother Earth. You are open to receive this nourishment now, and the Violet flame helps to infuse this expansive energy throughout your aura

So as you are calling your scattered energy back to you and releasing anything unneeded down to the Earth, so then you are also opened to Mother Earth and accepting her nourishing love which flows up into your being and expands easily with each breath, anchored into your root chakra and strengthening your light.


If using Reiki open with Choku Rei

Then use the Violet flame Purification symbol around the root chakra. I experienced it as a spinning 3d symbol that was rotating slowly.

Then place the Usui Sei He Ki mental healing symbols out to each side cradling the root chakra between.

choku rei
choku rei

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