How To Meditate With Trauma


When we’ve lived through traumatic experiences, for some obvious and big, for others cumulative small things over years, our bodies can go into flight or fight mode when we attempt to meditate.

Meditation, breathwork and learning to release the old emotions through techniques such as EFT can be extremely helpful. But how?

In the case of meditation, if one has suffered trauma or has CPTSD it is best to keep attempting and to love yourself where you are. If you tried, that is good enough for today.  Keep bringing yourself back to it. Gently, and lovingly.

Find a wall to put your back against so that your body is able to feel safe and supported.

Keep your eyes lightly open, do not close them all the way.

Don’t try to manipulate the breath. Breath naturally and easily, putting one hand on the heart can be extremely helpful.

Set a timer, at first for a small amount such as 3-5 minutes and build up to 10 or more. This way you feel in control of the time and what is happening, and you won’t become anxious because you know exactly when it will end.

You can relax into the gift of space and ease that you’re giving yourself. It is also a really good way to rebuild trust within the self.

A heavy blanket, one with a good amount of weight, folded into a long rectangle can be placed across the upper thighs, or around your shoulder, letting the ends hang down like a scarf. This can help calm the nervous system.

When you begin to feel more comfortable, begin to extend your breath for just one breath longer. Just one. This not only gets you in touch with your heart and into your body, but connects your breath to your physical body.

If the mind wanders, (everyone’s does) keep bringing it gently back to whatever focus you have chosen. Your heartbeat. Your breath. Your heart center. Or you can light a candle, or have a picture of a flower, or a sunset. Something neutral but uplifting is best. Whatever that is for you.

If using Reiki, I like to use two Reiki symbols. Dai Ko Myo – the Usui Master Symbol and Sei He Ki – the mental healing symbol. If you have been attuned to Violet Flame Reiki symbol – For Breaking Through to Past Life Traumas.

Imagine that a pyramid of white or violet healing light is coming down around you, if using the “Breaking Through to Past Life Traumas” symbol apply this now too, over the entire energetic body. Connecting the bottom dot down through the root releasing into the earth and receiving her energy as well. I then like to place Dai ko Myo over the entire torso including the belly. And it is especially nice to draw Sei He Ki on both palms and place the hands gentle across the brows and temple, if there is a lot of mental chatter or confusions happening. After a few minutes, then place one hand on the third eye across your forehead and the other at the base of the skull where the zeal chakra is located.



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