Hi there! I’m Cori Allen and am so glad you’ve found your way here. Whether you are in need of healing, just plain curious, or seeking to learn more about Reiki –  welcome.

Who am I? I am an intuitive healer and mystic, a Reiki Master, trained in Usui, Violet Flame, Seichem, and Kundalini Reiki. I currently offer distance healing sessions, of either 20 minutes or 40 minutes. Book here.

Although I’ve been on this path my whole life – and as a child was blessed with an auntie who was a Reiki Healer, the catalyst for my purposeful path was roughly ten+ years ago. I was led to Reiki after some energetic experiences for which I was seeking answers. My soul star chakra opened up, I experienced a pure bolt of pink energy move through me, for a period of time I was highly sensitive to energetic “leylines” running through everything. In my quest to understand my experiences I was led to Reiki.

I did my Usui Reiki levels I & II in Grande Prairie, Canada with Marilyn Dometraschuk of The Gemini Potential. I then mentored under and now work with my amazing friend and healers’ healer Isis Arjeta of isisarjeta.com. Under her tutelage I not only came to a deeper practical understanding of Reiki, but was able to move through some heavy life lessons with my sense of joy intact.

Thank you for visiting, feel free to book a session with me here through the site, and visit my instagram @catalystreiki or my Facebook page of the same name. Let’s shift your shit, get those positive vibes going, and get the flow of energy moving through you.

with love,


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